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Poissy is a city located at 27 kilometers in the west of Paris.
This city lays in the valley of the Seine, along the railway line of Paris towards Normandy. This line is also operated as the western railway skirting of Paris.

This city has a long story. It was a village of fishermen, and is the birth place of King Saint-Louis. About 37 000 inhabitants live there today.

The website PIXYRAIL aims to make you discover the railway life of Poissy and the surroundings, mainly by images. The matter is as well history, as topicality, or projects.

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SUMMARY (links)

The time of steam hauling

Diesel hauling and railcars

Electric Dual 25KVAC-1500VDC engines


Open-access operations by private companies (ECR, VFLI)

Postcards - Old photographs of Poissy

Strange trains

Films and vidéos

The sorting yard of Achères

Our pictures on the website Railpictures